11 (kinda dangerous) toys for big kids

You'll shoot your eye out!

By The Editors
December 16, 2015 9:00 am

One of the great things about being a grown-ass man is that no one is can tell you, “No.” 

That Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle mom and dad wouldn’t buy you back in the day?


And so we took the liberty of putting together a collection of mildly hazardous but indubitably joyful items for you to put on your list this year. 

Don’t shoot your eye out.

The Human Bowling Ball

You get the idea here: You’re the ball. Go knock down some pins. The Dude approves.

The Flame Eating Sterling Engine

On the lighter end of the danger zone, but mesmerizing to watch and by far the coolest paper weight a desk could ever don. 

FreeHawk Cool Pirate Slingshot

Everything you were never allowed to have and more. Its high tension makes it suitable for hunting, leisurely fishing, “legal self-defense” and at-large squirrel bothering.

Honorable mention: The Pocket Slingshot

The Shocking Game

Lightning Reaction Reloaded is a group challenge of speed that literally puts an electric jolt into the slowest draw. Lets you adjust intensity as desired. Maybe something to pull out when the in-laws are over. 


Comes with 20 different functions, including multi-tool features like wrenches, drivers and a fork. The one you need to know: throwing knife. Kniper is milled from a single piece of 420 high-carbon steel and includes a smoking pipe for honing, er, other skills. 

The Airzooka

The Airzooka isn’t going to take your eye out: it shoots high-powered gusts of air across the room. Hazard factor: low. Annoying your cat factor: unbridled. 

Arctic Force Snowball Blaster

Creates perfectly round, lovingly lethal snowballs and launches ’em 60-80 feet. Neighborhood bullies don’t stand a chance. 

Fling a Golf 200′ Trebuchet

Standing a mere 34″ tall, this little medieval beauty can launch golf balls 200 feet. Probably best to take this one out of the city. 


Revered by many fans who totally have friends and don’t live in their parents’ basements as “the best lightsaber I’ve owned to date.” Considering we grew up with sabers made of old paper towel rolls, we’d have to agree. You can actually battle with this model, though you still have to make your own Zewwwwww noise. 

X15 Flamethrower

The only non-military grade flamethrower on the consumer market. Highly impressive and marginally insane. 

The Flying Machine

It’s no jetpack, but it has peaked our interest. The looks are a bit Barnum and Bailey, but the video convinces.


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