18 Miles … in a Wingsuit

Watch Andy Stumpf’s record-breaking flight

By The Editors
November 2, 2015 9:00 am

Andy Stumpf, world-class skydiver/wingsuiter/death defier, just broke the world record for absolute distance flown in a wingsuit, covering 18.257 miles.

And he did it for a good cause, going the distance (literally) to raise one million dollars for the Navy SEAL Foundation, which supports the families of fallen servicemen and women. A former Navy SEAL himself, Stumpf underwent a brutal rehab regime after suffering an injury in combat not only to regain his ability to walk, but to finish the second Navy SEAL BUD/S training experience of his career and return to active duty.

Now retired, Stumpf worked with the Skullcandy Human Potential Labs to give back to the cause he’s most passionate about. “Even though I can’t physically go overseas and contribute, I refuse to sit back and do nothing. I’ve decided to put it all on the line to support the Navy SEAL community and their families who live with their toes on the line every day,” says Stumpf.

The Lab program helped him take a deeper look into the psychological aspects of the record-breaking attempt as well as maximize his body’s functions, e.g., how best to breathe at 36,000 ft and 54 degrees below zero. “Working with Andy has been incredibly rewarding,” said Emily Cook, Skullcandy Sport and Human Potential Manager. “He is putting his life on the line for a cause he believes in and we want to give him all the tools we can to make the jump a success.”

Mission accomplished.

Check out Stumpf’s charitable endeavors here and watch him live life at full volume below.


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