Country Roads, Take Me the Hell Out of NYC

The gents at Vanguard Motos on their favorite summer drives

April 26, 2017 9:00 am

New Yorkers are famous for never leaving the city. (“Why would I leave? We have everything.”)

But if ever there were a time to rent something on four wheels — or two — and get outta here, springtime is it.

So we asked the fellas at BK-bred Vanguard Motos to spill the dirt on their most prized rides, roads and destinations near NYC.

For the past few years, Vanguard has been working on a prototype for the motorcycle they unveiled at December’s NYC Motorcycle Show. They’ve had their heads to the ground since, and soon, their chromed-out Roadster will take flight. (You can also look forward to them releasing a line of helmets and a premium e-bicycle.)

Until then, you can satisfy your need for speed by hitting some of the scenic routes detailed below.

InsideHook: What are your favorite places to ride in and around New York?
Vanguard Motorcycles: “When we want to ride to be seen, we head out from our offices, across the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, to a spot in Manhattan called Spiegel for Two Wheel Tuesdays (aka Bike Night). It’s a great group of riders, and you have to take the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan on a motorcycle at least once in your life. No feeling like it.

“When we ride to ride, we head up past Bear Mountain west of the Hudson, to a road called the Storm King Highway. It starts just outside of West Point, and takes you through some heavily wooded twisties and then out along the side of a cliff, looking out onto the Hudson. If you make it the whole way, you find yourself in Cornwall on Hudson for a nice breakfast.”

Vanguard (3 images)

IH: What’s to love about it?
VM: “On a Monday morning in the summer, the roads up past West Point are empty.  There are so many people in the NYC area, that you sometimes forget what an empty road feels like. On Monday’s in the summer, you remember.  An empty road with lots of corners creates an unmatched feeling of freedom.”  

IH: What views are you after along the way?
VM: “Living in a city surrounded by water, you forget the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley, even if it’s only a few miles north.  I stop every chance I get at a lookout or just at a clearing to get some nature and let the city fade away.”  

IH: What gear do you swear by?
VM: “Our friends at Dainese have been working hard the past year to source some great gear that truly fits with the Roadster’s aesthetic, and Veldt has done a great job with their carbon helmet line for us. A special shout out to Dainese’s jackets, I may have high-sided one of my personal bikes wearing one. Both of us got up in one piece.”     

IH: What’s the best time of year — and day – to ride?
VM: “The best day of the year in NYC is Sunday morning on Memorial Day weekend.  The roads are empty and you can head up First Avenue like you are leading the marathon, with the sound of your exhaust reverberating off the buildings as your own personal crowd.”  


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