Bicycle Bespoke

By The Editors
July 3, 2012 9:00 am

Inside every man there’s a boy who enjoys riding a bike, with all the freedom it confers — like going all the way to 7-Eleven to get a Zagnut by yourself, without getting permission from, like, anybody.

Re-discover that breezy two-wheeled freedom, but on a grander and more luxurious scale, with Trek Travel, a tour service that crafts customized, luxury bike vacations in the 50 states and beyond.

[callout] … tour guides, boutique hotels, daily itineraries, and more [/callout]

From the bike company that gave Lance Armstrong his wheels (and seven straight titles, and hopefully nothing else), TT offers recreational cyclists nearly infinite tour options, all of which include luxe amenities: boutique hotels, tour guides, vans for luggage transpo, nightly social hours, and daily itineraries that include off-road sightseeing and activities (vineyard tours, kayaking, etc.).

If you get winded, they’ll even shuttle you up the road.

Pre-planned packages include everything from a wine-and-beach-themed coastal California trek, to a ride-along during the (just started) Tour de France, to a Costa Brava tour of Spain — where you’ll be free to “explore the mystical musings of Salvador Dali,” which included many a rhinoceros.


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