21 ‘Grams: March

Sexy woodworkers. Actual bears. Cherry pie. Let's review.

March 31, 2017 9:00 am

San Francisco is the most Instagrammable city on the planet. Hence: 21 ’Grams, our compendium of the month that was, as taken by you, oh intrepid documentarians of the City by the Bay.

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For the record, she’s really good with wood.

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We’ll take the one in the middle.

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Or a farm.

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Or a chance to get out on the water.

Congrats to the team making this a brick-and-mortar reality. (Support them here.)

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We find this a compelling reason to stop by Deliboard.

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Or maybe we’ll just eat this bread, and any soup, for the rest of forever.

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Have you been here yet? It’s time to make time.

We are happy to live in a city with emotional space for limited-edition ice cream.

If you sleep with someone who loves ballet, you want to buy tickets to this.

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By the way, there’s still enough snow in Tahoe to last until 2019. (Not quite, but close.)

So this would be one of the reasons Single Thread got the four-star Bauer review.

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Here’s another.

For the record, it’s snowing in Tahoe right now

That said, it’s spring, folks: time to get in the car (or on the trail) and find it.

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Or like, really get in there.

You could have this now, if you could get to Chile Pies. (By the way, our pie supplier of choice.)

And this, too, if you can get to Wise Sons.

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If you need us, we’ll be at the lake.

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Avoiding the bears.

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And looking for this.


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