The Secret Pedicure Habits of NBA Players

Some men may look down at pedicures as "girly," but not the Orlando Magic's D.J. Augustin.

NBA pedicure
NBA players, like, perhaps, most men, are sometimes too embarrassed to get a pedicure. (Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The feet of the very large men of the NBA, who sprint, stop on a dime, jump and pound them into hardwood floors for a living, are admittedly ugly.

They are, nevertheless, invaluable to the game’s biggest stars’ success on the court. So much so that many put aside their shame and go the extra mile to take care of them in the form of pedicures.

Like the Orlando Magic’s starting point guard, D.J. Augustin.

“Some guys look down on it ‘cause it’s girly or whatever you want to call it, but I’ve done it from the beginning because it’s like taking care of your body,” Augustin told The Washington Post. “Just like anything else you do, getting a massage or treatment. I’ve had situations before with my toenails, or my callus on my feet, would hurt my feet during games. It makes a big difference.”

The fear of baring their feet to the world has kept many a pro NBA foot in its shoe, however. Especially after the seemingly universal “gross” reaction Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal’s toes got when he received a pedicure in 2017.

“I never wanted to get them done,” admitted Washington Wizards Coach Scott Brooks, “because you’re embarrassed of your toes. “I mean, they’re a combination of dead toenails, hammer toes. . . . I would imagine all basketball players have bad toenails, just from the shoes and all the running and stopping and starting.”

Brooks now gets routine pedicures with his wife, a tactic used by a current player, too.

“When I go alone, I feel a little bit weird but, when I’m with my wife, I have somebody to talk to and not feel as weird,” Milwaukee Bucks center Jason Smith said. “Because I don’t know, like, the lingo. Like: ‘Oh, can I get this done? Can I get that?’ I’m just like: ‘There they are! Go to work!’”


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