Rad to the Bone

By The Editors
September 23, 2013 9:00 am

The Maranellos, the Gallardos, the 911s of the world: they haul ass, drop jaws and – received wisdom says – the bloomers of opportunistic women everywhere.

But the Radical SR3, which does zero-to-sixty in 2.7 seconds, can blow the doors off all of them.

And you can pilot this wheeled missile at the Monticello Motor Club’s Radical Experience, now accepting very limited bookings for their next season.

Perhaps you’ve heard of Monticello: 4.1 sidewinding miles of race-grade asphalt just 90 minutes north of Manhattan, where would-be Andrettis can pilot a stable of supercharged autos around 22 gasp-worthy turns.

As for the Radical SR3, it’s an open-cockpit checkered flag-grabber that revs up to a cheeks-flapping 150 MPH and features an aerodynamic design that leverages air resistance to keep the car glued to the track.

In fact, there’s a theory in racing circles that this Betty is so light (1,300 lb) and has so much downforce (1,500 lb) that it could likely drive upside down in a tunnel, sandwiched on the ceiling by its own speed.

Up until recently, these automotive missiles were reserved for Monticello members only. But now MMC’s offering a two-day driving package where non-members can get a taste of the octane.

But beware: sessions don’t come often and are limited to just eight drivers.

The race is on.


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