Fin It to Win It

By The Editors
August 15, 2012 9:00 am

Because Shark Week’s best shared with chums, and also with friends, this year take your crew out to Sea Turtle Dive Charters — Montauk’s innocently-named, but predaciously-real shark cage dive experience, open for business.

Run by a Montauk lifer with over a decade of experience dunking divers into briny, shark-infested waters, Sea Turtle’s cage dive charters depart at 7am and cruise 15-30 miles offshore into the warm water Gulf Stream.

Sea Turtle Shark Dives

Once there, you’ll take turns acclimating yourself to the anodized aluminum cage while the crew chums the water with delectable (to sharks, anyway) fish entrails.

When the fins begin to circle, two men at a time will descend into the cage for a 360° view of blue sharks and mako sharks up to 12 feet long. Each diver gets at least two 30-minute turns underwater, all the while breathing from a tank that remains on the boat — meaning even the non-scuba-certified can participate. (view a video)

The 36-foot-long Sea Turtle runs regularly-scheduled 8-10 hour trips, but you can also charter the boat for private groups of up to six.

Anyone who refuses to go is just shark weak.


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