The 8 Three-Day Weekends You Meet in Heaven

This handy two-step tool will help you find your ideal summer getaway.

The problem with planning a summer trip once the sunny months are already upon us? The more time we spend sifting through bland TripAdvisor reviews, the less we spend gracing the deck of an infinity pool or tear-assing along an ocean bluff in an ATV.

For truly spontaneous summer getaways — from sipping wine in a hot air balloon in Napa to fly fishing in Upstate New York, where the sport was created — there really ought to be a reliable, two-step online vacation machine.

Which is exactly what InsideHook just built.

Today, the site launched an interactive adventuring tool in partnership with Jeep that lets you pick a region (New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, the Bay Area), your preferred digs (luxurious, outdoorsy) and then spits out a bevy of sterling local travel options. Restaurants, resorts, alpaca farms … it’s all in there.


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