Get Ready for the Newest Body Part Obsession — The Scalp

You’ve perfected skincare and haircare, now there’s scalp-care

man getting scalp massage
The key to longer hair is a healthy scalp
Joos Mind via Getty

First, it was dry brushing your body. Then, it was “slugging” your skin at night. Now, self-care has come all the way for the top: your scalp. 

Tik Tok has blown up with trends around hair care, starting at the root (literally). Whether that’s scalp “detoxing” videos of estheticians removing dandruff from scalps, or hair shampooing videos that show full scalp massages, a healthy scalp is the new body trend of the moment to give you your best hair ever.

In an interview for NYLON, Lisa Nurczyk, director of education at cosmetology, barber, and esthetics school, Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, said that scalp care is important for overall hair health, but you just need the basics. “Irregular or less thorough cleansing can be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to scalp issues,” she explained. For best results, she recommends washing your hair two or three times a week, cutting back on the amount of product you use, and being mindful of how you’re feeling: if your scalp feels tight, itchy, or otherwise uncomfortable, it might be time to change your routine, or get to a doctor. 

The focus on scalps is part of a larger trend around self-care that usually involves skincare and haircare, and has dominated online discourse during the pandemic. The self-care industry is estimated to be worth 13 million dollars by 2026. The aesthetic of taking care of yourself has become more about how taking care of yourself looks, rather than actually taking care of yourself: it focuses on green juice, terry cloth robes, and a perfectly organized, ready to be Instagrammed lifestyle. 

While seeking after certain aesthetics has made “self-care” a profit making machine, Tik Tok might actually be giving proper advice about scalp-care: experts agree that the health of your hair is related to the health of your scalp, which includes hair growth. You might not even have to spend any money on it (unless you want to). Scalp massages done by hand are a free, do-it-yourself hack to keep your scalp healthy, and if you’re feeling like adding something new into your routine, scalp massagers can be found from Walgreens for around six dollars.

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