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Are You Watching Fetish Content Without Even Knowing It?

If you've been on TikTok lately, you probably are

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The Case for Tactical Urbanism

With local government agencies slow and often non-responsive, citizens are taking initiatives into their own hands to make streets safer

News & Opinion

Dave Portnoy’s Defamation Lawsuit Against Insider Dismissed

The suit, brought by the Barstool Sports founder, failed to find "actual malice"


7 Podcasts That'll Get You Back Into Podcasts

Have you hit a rut? Here are a few new listens that just might get you back into the swing of things.


The Newest Trend in Music Is Not New at All

Cassettes are the latest retro audio fetish — and one Milwaukee business is helping to keep them, and other old tech, out of landfills


Do You, a Man, Understand Taylor Swift? 

It might be time for you to start understanding; she's not going away any time soon

Health & Fitness

Sadly, Depression Might Not Make You More Realistic

New research suggests the long-held concept of "sadder but wiser" could be wrong


What Is Fat Bear Week and Should You Care About It?

The viral brown bear bracket also brings much-needed attention to wildlife conservation

Health & Fitness

What Is Time Blindness — And How Can You Overcome It?

Coming out of the pandemic, time feels weird. It turns out there's a term for that.


You Can Watch Hurricane Ian Live on Social Media

Livestreams are showing the damage on the Gulf Coast


Who Are the Try Guys and Why Is Everyone Suddenly Talking About Them Today?

One of the beloved YouTubers, Ned Fulmer, is at the center of an alleged cheating scandal

Sex & Dating

STDs Are Increasing. Stay Calm.

Syphilis rates are higher than they been in years, while other STD rates are also rising