A view of Johnny Depp's face projected into the Moon Man suit during the 2022 MTV VMAs
Johnny Depp's face was projected in the Moon Man suit during the 2022 MTV VMAs.
MTV VMA 22 via Getty

MTV Created a Safe Space for Johnny Depp to Make His VMAs Cameo

The Moon Man bit was prerecorded and applause was reportedly added in

The MTV Video Music Awards are never short on scandal, but after Sunday night’s show, some attendees are saying they never actually witnessed the shock of the night.  

In case you missed it, Johnny Depp, or rather his face, made an appearance as a projection on MTV’s Moon Man mascot during the awards show on August 28, saying that he “needed the work.”

That quip is in reference to Depp’s current attempt to restore his public image after his highly publicized trial against his ex-wife, actress Amber Heard, which sparked debate on social media and in the mainstream media about #MeToo, victimhood, and the ethical nature of fan videos in support of someone who said that they wanted to set their partner on fire, among other atrocious things.

If you watched the VMAs on TV, Depp’s appearance seemed to be met with applause from the audience. But was it?

The short answer: no. The Depp segments were reportedly prerecorded without an audience. Some fans who were at the event are now saying that they were unaware that Depp’s cameo even took place, and that there was certainly no applause for the actor in the venue itself. One audience member even said that the VMAs must have known to pre-record the segment because “they knew we wouldn’t have it.” Others said that the choice was “creepy and out of touch.

In another appearance in the Moon Man, which Depp posted to his Instagram account, the actor said that he was “available for birthdays, bar mitzvahs, bat mitzvahs, weddings, wakes, any old thing you need.” Despite the jokes, Depp is rumored to be in Tim Burton’s upcoming Netflix Addams Family series Wednesday as Uncle Fester, which would explain why the production has been so tight lipped about who’s playing the iconic character and Fester’s role in the show itself.  

The next time Depp does decide to make a public showing, maybe he’ll do it in person to see the actual reaction of the crowd. 

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