Could Movano’s Smart Ring Help People With Chronic Illnesses?

It's the latest entry in a growing space

Smart rings
These rings aren't just stylish.

Wearable tech has come a long way in the last decade. Ten years ago, step trackers seemed like the apex of what was possible; now, they’re but one tool in a vast array of technology designed to monitor your health without being overly intrusive. Tech like the Apple Watch can be useful for detecting health conditions — though it’s no substitute for regular visits to a doctor and the medical-grade devices they have access to.

The latest entry in the world of health-centric wearable technology comes from the company Movano, and is among the least intrusive examples of the form out there. As The Verge reports, Movano’s smart ring — slated to debut at CES 2022 — takes a somewhat different approach to the data it collects as well.

Specifically, its software is designed to look at the different ways the data it gathers relates to one another. It could show the effects of regular exercise on your heart rate variability, for example — all with the aim to prevent or manage chronic illnesses.

Movano told The Verge that the company’s goal is to get Class II designation for its rings, and to eventually feature technology like cuffless blood pressure measurement. When might we see that? That still remains to be seen; the Movano Ring is currently scheduled to be on sale in the second half of next year.

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