Here’s What Happens When a Regular Guy Eats Like The Rock for a Month

NYC man recreates The Rock’s outlandish training regimen

By The Editors
March 17, 2016 9:00 am

How to get 17-time WWE World Champion, star of the Fast and Furious, Instagram legend and by-all-accounts charitable and gentle giant Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to notice you, in four easy steps:

  • Spend two hours a day ingesting about 10 pounds of food packing more than 5,000 calories for a month
  • Do an hour of cardio and an hour-and-a-half of weights six days a week. Rest on the seventh.
  • Blog about it.
  • Improve your strength by 10-15 percent and increase your muscle mass while only gaining a pound.

That’s exactly what Mark Webster did for 33 days, and his duplication of Dwayne Johnson’s daily workout routine came to the attention of the former pro wrestler, Hollywood actor and ex-Miami Hurricanes football player.

When Johnson heard about what the 37-year-old was trying to do, he was less than supportive. “Uh oh,” he tweeted. “This kinda only works if you train 2xs a day, work 14hrs on set and are half Samoan/half Black. And cuss.”

A fraction of Webster’s meal plan

A few weeks later, though, after reading about how successful the self-employed NYC resident had been while copying the $42 daily diet and workout regimen, Johnson wrote he was impressed by Webster’s discipline and later gave him an old-fashioned tip o’ the cap on the Twittersphere.

While Johnson’s approval was nice, just proving he was up to the challenge was enough for Webster. “I have no aspirations to get huge like The Rock, and 30 days wouldn’t do it anyway,” he says. “Overall, it was an extremely positive experience, and I highly encourage everyone to push themselves to try something new for a month.”

Want to get Johnson’s attention or have an excuse to eat 2.3 pounds of cod per day? Here’s the workout, along with what The Rock is cooking.

Main image via HBO 

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