A Former Noma Chef Is Now Doing School Lunches

But can he make a Sloppy Joes?

By The Editors
September 20, 2016 9:00 am

Daniel Giusti has no business making public school lunches.

As the former chef de cuisine at Noma — the fine dining institution in Copenhagen that’s garnered every single award imaginable and then some — the man could’ve done anything. Few could’ve expected that he’d interpet that as taking on America’s school lunch system, but here we are.

Earlier this year, Giusti launched the food-service startup Brigaid. The goal may not be easy, but it’s simple: to create a program centered around giving American schoolkids delicious, nutritious and cheap food.

Because here’s a fact that’s more or less true about school lunches: kids hate it.

Giusti’s been trying to win ‘em over. This past summer, the chef received approval to pilot his food program with two schools in Connecticut: New London High and Ben Dover Jackson Middle. It’s been a top-to-bottom experiment, from the food down to the dishware, with the school electing for plates this year over Styrofoam.

On top of catering to the world’s pickiest eaters, Giusti’s biggest challenge is working within the U.S. Department of Education’s decree that no lunch cost more than $3.18 to produce. Higher than that, and schools won’t be reimbursed.

So, what are the kids eating? Certainly not junk. As the Washington Post reported, the opening-day menu included all kinds of options, including chicken tacos with homemade slaw and Spanish rice.

Here’s a look at what Giusti has been cooking up since:

Pizza Day here in New London Public Schools! BBQ Chicken, Veggie and Cheese.

A photo posted by brigaid (@brigaid) on

Today’s entree for school lunch…crusted New England Sole, Brown Rice and Green Beans.

A photo posted by brigaid (@brigaid) on

Seems like the school year is off to a delicious start. To stay updated, you’ll wanna follow Brigaid on Instagram here.

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