Chris Hemsworth Is Giving Out 1,000 Lifetime Memberships to His Wellness App

Decades of free access to Centr? That's as good as it gets.

Chris Hemsworth lunging on a beach.
Lunge into old age with this affable Aussie.

Long live the short essay contest.

Chris Hemsworth and friends have brought it back as part of a New Year’s promotion for the Australian’s holistic wellness app, Centr. In order to win access to a lifetime of free content from the platform, you simply have to watch a 10-minute video of Hemsworth working out with his personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, then respond to the following prompt: “Tell us in 150 words or less, how did the workout get your pulse racing?”

Of course, to access said video, you need to either have a Centr account or make one. Both existing subscribers and newbies should sign up for Centr’s current four-week free trial (which you can find here), after which you’ll receive the requisite links to enter the promotion, and a chance to win one of 1,000 lifetime memberships.

We’ve raved about Centr in the past, and for good reason. The original conceit of this app was to rally up all the trainers, yogis and chefs Hemsworth relies on to stay in shape for roles and democratize/streamline their expertise for the rest of us. Every week, there are fresh bodyweight workouts, guided meditations and smoothie recipes uploaded to the platform, available for you to pick and choose your way to a better you. Want to get jacked? They’ve got a program for that. More flexible? That’s covered, too. It’s a hell of a resource.

Which is why — on the off chance you don’t win — entering is a good idea either way. You’ll get January for free regardless, and assuming you sign up right now, you can package the promotion with Centr’s current discount: 67% off an annual membership. Instead of $30 a month, you can pay $10 a month for 12 months, starting just after your free trial ends. Or, you know, you can just write the best 150-word mini essay ever (they’re looking for creativity!) and never pay for the app in your life.

You have until Jan. 14 to enter. Expect to hear if you won by Jan. 19. If you plan on canceling your membership, make sure to do so before the four-week trial ends. For more information on the promotion, head here. To access that $10 a month deal, scroll to the bottom of this page. Good luck!

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