Forget the Seven-Minute Workout. This Guy Got It Down to Four.

The proof is in his abs.

March 27, 2017 9:00 am

Siphiwe Baleka is a champion swimmer, triathlete, Yale grad, motivational speaker and health editor. He also heads up the fitness program at the healthiest company in the country.

All this when he’s not doing his full-time job: truck driving.

Baleka was gaining weight on long drives, so he cobbled together the world’s quickest workout. It’s all available in 4-Minute Fit, a new book out this week. It’s the quickest yet still effective workout we’ve ever seen, and designed specifically for busy guys stuck sitting down all day (aka you — and us).

Baleka might be one of the world’s most interesting men. (We didn’t even get to the part where he saved money at Yale by living as a squatter. Or that his uncle is an Olympic gold medalist). When he decided to take up truck driving — it appealed to his wanderlust — Baleka gained fifteen pounds in two months. Turns out truck driving is statistically the least healthy occupation in America.

So he started testing out different exercise and diet methods. He knew he had to make his regiment quick, flexible and geared toward a guy who spends most of his time in a car (fun fact from 4-Minute Fit: If you drive 30 minutes to work each way every weekday, you can pack on an extra 15 pounds every two years).

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Baleka’s now taken his award-winning 13-week program for truckers and narrowed it down to a simple seven-step process that works for pretty much anyone.

It involves:

  • No specialty foods or gym equipment
  • Exercise at high intensity for four minutes a day (and a maximum of 15 minutes)
  • A protein meal or snack every three hours
  • A bit of nutrition logging (through whatever app you like, such as MyFitnessPal)

Basically, it’s abbreviated HIIT with some metabolism disruption.

Baleka sums it up best in his first chapter: “If I can take a group of sedentary, badly nourished, and exhausted truckers, given them no access to a gym, and still strip away enormous amounts of weight while having them exercise just four minutes a day, imagine what I can do for you.”

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