Is Apple Readying a Peloton Competitor?

Rumors abound that Apple is preparing something

Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is great for workouts, but it may not be Apple's only foray into fitness tech.

Once there was a time when fitness technology existed as its own subset of the larger tech world. Now, though, some of the world’s largest tech companies have taken an increased interest in the personal fitness space, and are investing accordingly. Google’s purchase of Fitbit is arguably the highest-profile example of this, but it’s not the only one.

At Engadget, Steve Dent has news of a particularly bold maneuver coming from another tech giant. In this case, the company involved is Apple, who is rumored to be readying a fitness subscription service to compete with Peloton. The Endgadget article builds on reporting done at Bloomberg, which suggests Apple is looking to make a significant splash in the fitness space:

Codenamed “Seymour,” the fitness subscriptions would be available as part of a higher-end bundle with other Apple services. It would offer classes that rival Nike’s Class Pass and Peloton, Bloomberg reported, so presumably that would include guided live and on-demand sessions.

As Dent writes, other parts of Apple’s ecosystem could be utilized in a theoretical fitness product, from Apple Music to the health-tracking capacities of the Apple Watch. At this stage, however, most of the information surrounding this remains speculative. But with more and more people working out at home these days, it wouldn’t be the strangest line of business for Apple to enter into.

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