All These Q Timex Watch Releases Are Making It Hard to Pick Just One

One of our favorite entry-level watches just got (another) update

Three new Q Timex watches in gold tone, stainless steel and rose gold tone
Three new releases mean you've now got seven Q Timex watches to choose from.

We’ve written about the Q Timex before, how the original ‘70s watch borrowed a few crucial design cues from the Pepsi Rolex, and how the reissued throwback has been so successful that Timex expanded the lineup. It seems the latter still holds true, because the economical brand has done it again, releasing three new styles, this time not simply focusing on the rotating bezel and dial but the whole damn watch. 

That’s right, Timex went for the (imitation) gold. The three new releases include a yellow-gold tone and rose-gold tone, color palettes that extend from the stainless-steel mesh bracelet onto the bezel and even under the artfully domed crystal to the hands. Do we wish these were released at the beginning of summer so we could have paired them with our many aperitivo hours? Of course, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pull these off all year. If you aren’t amenable to the faux-gold though, Timex has also added a more traditional model with a black and red bezel paired with a black dial.

You might be wondering, what’s the big deal? It’s a quartz watch that’s just south of $200, is there something I’m missing? Well, if you haven’t worn one, yes, there is. The modest 38mm size and thoughtful design touches have made the Q Timex a go-to daily wear that you don’t need to worry about, and one that we continue to reach for. It’s certainly not a replacement for any higher-end watches it resembles, but it’s a worthwhile timepiece in its own right.

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