Your New Summer Watch is Here

Chronographs for active guys. No iPhone needed.

By The Editors
April 17, 2015 9:00 am

Summer. You need a sharp watch.

One that plays well in water.

And, y’know, doesn’t have a six-week waiting list.

Or require a loan.

Thus, your summer timepiece: Aulta, launched this week.

A collab between three surfing buddies — a Fossil/Diesel big wig, the founder of surf apparel line Island Daze and pro power surfer Pancho Sullivan (fun fact: born in a treehouse) — Aulta actually has little “tasty waves” vibe to their watches.

Oh, they’re tough: Surgical stainless steel cases. Screw-down casebacks and crowns for water resistance. Good in water up to 100 meters.

And the company certainly practices a bit of surf zen: Aulta is a play on altus, Latin for “profound/noble.”

But the wristpieces themselves … clean, handsome and a great mix of functionality and style. Good for a day at the beach or business casual.

Multiple strap options are available, including nylon, stainless steel and leather (note: don’t put those in water). They’re launching with 12 styles, with a new colorway debuting every month.

As for price: Aulta is deliberately patterned on the Warby Parker/Everlane model, cutting out wholesalers and only selling online. It keeps their watches in the low three figures.

Surf’s up.

Nota bene: For those looking for a higher-end chronograph, Swiss legacy brand Breitling just launched their first online store this week as well.

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