What’s a Baseball Bezel? Oak & Oscar’s New Watch Features the First of Its Kind.

The Ashland was made with fellow Chicagoans at Wilson Sporting Goods

The Ashland Baseball Watch From Oak & Oscar and Wilson Sporting Goods
The Ashland is Oak & Oscar's newest watch, made in collaboration with Wilson Sporting Goods
Oak & Oscar

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Look down at your wrist. The bezel on your watch will most likely have one of two functions, elapsed time or second timezone (or GMT), or maybe even a tachymeter if you’re a Porsche enthusiast. There are, of course, many other functions available. But until today, we had never come across one tracking the innings of a baseball game.

Meet Oak & Oscar’s newest timepiece: The Ashland. We’ve been reporting on (and coveting the watches of) the micro-brand for a few years now, and this is their most intrepid release yet. Not only is it their first collaboration (with the fellow Chicagoans at Wilson Sporting Goods Company) but it features a first-of-its-kind “inning tracker bezel” that allows the wearer to track the top and bottom of innings during a baseball game by rotating it to home plate.

That’s right, in classic Oak & Oscar fashion, there are plenty of carefully designed details that have made the brand stand out over the years. In place of the traditional 12 o’clock on the dial, the marker is in the shape of home plate. In terms of color, the dial “takes cues from the field of play,” that is, green for the grass and white for the foul lines. And thankfully, even though the dial is branded with both Oak & Oscar and Wilson’s signature “W” (and a smaller Wilson logo up top), it doesn’t distract from the overall design.

The Ashland Baseball Watch From Oak & Oscar and Wilson Sporting Goods
The Ashland comes with two watch straps and can be purchased with an exclusive A2000 1787 baseball glove from Wilson. (Oak & Oscar)

As with previous models, the movement is sourced from time-tested Swiss offerings rather than made in-house. The Ashland is powered by the automatic ETA 2892A2 movement (the same as the brand’s Humboldt model), but flip it over and you’ll still see the Oak & Oscar signature: a four-star stamp on the rotor evoking Chicago’s flag.

While the limited-edition timepiece can be had at Oak & Oscar’s website, it wouldn’t be a proper Wilson collaboration (or a proper baseball collaboration, for that matter) if there wasn’t some type of sports equipment involved. For that, you’ll have to head over to Wilson’s site where you can pick up a bundle that includes a special-edition of the brand’s professional A2000 1787 baseball glove.

Oh, and the Copper Pro Stock Leather and Navy SuperSkin that go into the glove? Those two materials are used for the watch’s two different straps, naturally.

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