Former Seoul Highway Transformed Into Garden 50 Feet Up in the Sky

New pedestrian-friendly elevated garden is 1000 meters long, features than 24,000 types of plants.

May 28, 2017 5:00 am

Seoul is giving New York City’s famed High Line some competition. The new elevated park, Seoullo 7017, which translates to “Seoul Street 7017” in Korean, opened recently in the South Korean capital.

The former highway has been transformed into a garden in the sky with 24,085 plants from 228 different species, including trees, potted plants, and flowers that can be found in both Korea and around the world. The overpass opened in 1970, but closed in 2015 because of safety issues.

“Instead of tearing (it) down…we decided to transform it into a pedestrian road…aiming to not only revive the elevated road but also turn it into a place where people can come together,” Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon said in a press statement, as reported by The Straits Times. “We hope that the momentum generated by this project will serve as a catalyst for the renewal and revival of the surrounding area.”

Sitting 17 meters above heavily congested areas like Seoul Station and Namdaemun Market, the new park offers tourists and locals alike verdant space and view of the mountains in the distance while surrounded by the miles of concrete. As night falls and the city’s skyline lights up, so do some 555 LED lights planted along Seoullo.

With 17 points of entry, the elevated park runs about a kilometer through the large metropolis and includes dining options, shopping, and event spaces along the way. The walkway is expected to draw some four million visitors each year.

The makeover of the former highway also includes botanical information on each plant and an earthquake-proof structure.


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