Why No One Is Going to the North Pole This Year

Bad weather and political turmoil between Russia and Ukraine are to blame

The North Pole
There will be no visitors to the North Pole this year. (Lev Fedoseyev/ TASS/ Getty)
Lev Fedoseyev

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The 2019 North Pole season has been cancelled.

The team that operates Barneo, the temporary ice camp near the North Pole, will close up shop this summer thanks to bad weather and poor politics between Russia and Ukraine, Outside reported.

Some reports found that Ukrainian planes that were scheduled to bring adventurers to the campfire were banned from landing there by Russian officials, while others claim that the Ukrainian government were the ones who stopped flights. A Canadian plane was supposed to serve as a backup way for adventurers to make it to Barneo but it missed its very small landing window and was forced to retreat due to bad weather.

The ice that planes typically land on is now melting and breaking apart, making landing impossible. Rapidly melting Arctic ice is also a long-term problem for any potential future visitors to the Pole who will rely on its survival to reach one of Earth’s last true wild frontiers.


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