The Four Seasons 2021 Private Jet Itineraries Are Here, and They’re Ridiculous

We're talking seven countries in three weeks

(Credit: Four Seasons)
(Credit: Four Seasons)

A few months back, Four Seasons announced that it had acquired an A321LR Airbus. The luxury hospitality company had flown its famous private jet tours with a Boeing 757 for years, and its procurement of the A321LR suggested Four Seasons wanted a more spacious plane that could travel further.

It’ll have little trouble accomplishing that goal. That “LR” in A321LR denotes the plane’s long-haul range. Last year signaled the dawn of ultra-long flights when Singapore Airlines flew an Airbus A350-900ULR from Newark to Singapore, and Four Seasons’ new toy could conceivably replicate that trip. Or … just knock out seven countries in three weeks.

Last week, Four Seasons confirmed its first tour on the A321LR Airbus. Starting December 31, 2020 and concluding January 20, 2021, deep-pocketed passengers will enjoy the following itinerary:

December 31-January 2: Dubai
January 2-5: Hoi An
January 5: Angkor Wat
January 5-8: Bangkok
January 8-11: Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai
January 11-14: Seychelles
January 14-16: Rwanda
January 16-19: Serengeti
January 19-20: Dubai

Javier Loureiro, director of guest experience at Four Seasons, recently chatted with Bloomberg, and said: “If they tried to do a itinerary like this on their own, it would probably take three months.” He’s right. It wouldn’t cost the $163k that Four Seasons charges, but it would be a logistical nightmare. Many of the names on that list are emerging travel destinations, and even the established ones (Dubai, Bangkok), are not known for cheap or efficient flights to various small countries and island chains in the Eastern Hemisphere.

But that’s the power of a private jet. The A321LR environs includes space for 48 passengers, larger social areas, and in-flight workshops so no one ever gets too bored. Think workshops with master chefs. If you can’t make that first itinerary (or just need a little extra time to make your millions), try to get a space on two trips Four Seasons is running back with the new plane. One covers a lot of ground — Seattle, Marrakech and St. Petersburg are all included — and the other is the group’s most popular trip, which hits Hawaii and Bora Bora. But it might be worth holding out for what would be Indiana Jones’ favorite trip, a deep-dive into ancient history with pitstops at Easter Island, Jordan and Athens.

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