This Swiss Alpine ‘Room’ Comes With a Bed, and Only a Bed

Time to cozy up under the Milky Way

August 8, 2018 9:00 am

A couple years ago we stumbled upon a hotel on the side of a mountain in northeastern Switzerland. It was sleek, simple, unencumbered … OK, it was literally just a bed. That’s right. Mattress, sheets and pillows on an open-air platform, with butler service in the morning for breakfast.

They’re still taking reservations at the Null Stern Hotel, and it would seem their wacky concept has inspired the neighbors, because the concept’s now made its way to the mighty Toggenburg region of the Swiss Alps, with a set of overnight options appropriately named Zero Real Estate.

bed (3 images)

Each of Zero Real Estate’s offerings comes with a double bed, two nightstands and a morning breakfast basket. A butler will receive you at Hotel Stump’s Alpenrose (more than a bed) and drive you to one of three suites overlooking the Schwendi Lakes, where you’ll have the chance to order a dinner picnic and alcoholic beverages. We recommend taking them up on this; the only traveling you’ll be doing is to the bathroom, seven minutes away by foot.

To the cynic grumbling “Ever heard of a tent?” under your breath right now … relax, friend. As we said in 2016, just go with it. How often do you get to fall asleep directly under the Milky Way and wake up in the shadow of some of the world’s most stunning peaks, all while tucked beneath some cozy bed linens?

Find information on booking here, and make it quick, spots are going fast. And once in, pray for good weather — though if it’s pouring they’ll put you in a pleasant farmhouse nearby.

All images from Toggenburg


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