Don’t Write Your Favorite Team’s Name on Historic Architecture, Please

It's the latest case of tourists behaving badly

Vasari Corridor
Pro tip: don't spray paint anywhere near here
Carlo Morucchio/REDA&CO/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

There are plenty of ways to support your sports team of choice. That can involve attending games, buying clothing with the team’s logo or posting your support on social media. I go to a bar most weekends with friends to watch Tottenham Hotspur games on television — supporting a team can take myriad forms. Unfortunately, two supporters of the German third-division team 1860 Munich are now accused of having supported their preferred team in one of the most infuriating ways possible.

Florence is a city known for its architecture, including the Vasari Corridor, which is part of Uffuzi Gallery and has been the subject of a high-profile restoration. Unfortunately, it’s going to need a bit more of a restoration now because someone decided it would be a brilliant idea to paint a message of support there for a team that plays in an entirely different country. As James Imam details in an article for The Art Newspaper, authorities arrested two German tourists after discovering letters painted on the Vasari Column that spelled out “DKS1860.” As Imam recounts, police analyzed security camera footage and then raided an apartment where a number of German tourists were staying, arresting two and confiscating several cans of black spray paint that were found in the apartment.

The Disrespectful Tourist Headlines Are Getting Out of Control
And it begs the question: do these smooth-brained people even deserve to travel?

This summer has abounded with news of tourists behaving badly (and occasionally locals responding by behaving terribly in response). But this gets particularly high marks (or low marks, depending) for the sheer stupidity of it. If found guilty — and, according to the article, the Uffuzi plans to press charges — the tourists could be on the hook for cleanup fees in excess of €10,000. They could also face several years in jail if convicted.

Again, there are much easier and less loathsome ways to show your support for a sports team. 1860 Munich season tickets, for instance, start at €600 — a lot less than these guys might spend to clean up a historic building.

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