There’s a 90% Chance You’re a Bond Villain If You Own This Boat

Regardless, we're happy to ride shotgun

January 13, 2017 9:00 am

Some ideas are only good in concept.

And thile this idea is currently stuck at that stage — like most of Turkish designer Timur Bozca’s dreamy, opulent watercraft — we’d certainly like to see it move on to the execution stage.

Following on the heels of his out-of-this-world Black Swan and Cauta superyachts comes the SARCO. This luxury beauty isn’t just a yacht, though: it’s a powerboat. Nineteen meters of powerboat. The form is inspired by prehistoric crocodiles by name Ferocious Sarcosuchus, appropriately. This seafaring smoke show can reach an impressive speed of 61 MPH. In boat, that is fast. St. Tropez-to-Monaco in an hour and a half fast.

Bozca describes his projects as quote limitless vehicle designs. But right now, they certainly seem to be limited by a lack of actual production means. Maybe you can fly to Milan and talk him into making this one a reality.

Pro tip: money talks. Probably better than you.


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