Why Buy Lift Passes When You Can Rent the Whole Ski Resort?

Get first tracks every time

October 5, 2017 9:00 am

Cost of a flight from New York City to Telluride booked well in advance: $600.

Price per night of staying at the Bent Elbow Hotel during the peak of ski season: $132.

Knowing the first run in fresh powder on Silverton Mountain is yours: priceless. Actually, $14k.

According to Bloomberg Pursuits, that’s the going rate for renting out all 1,819 of the skiable acres that the private ski club in southeastern Colorado has to offer for one full day. For that price, Silverton, which only lets 80 guests ski on a regular day, will bump all other reservations.

As frustrating as that might be for booted day-pass holders, Silverton is apparently just one of a growing number of ski resorts that are willing to rent out their entire mountain for a hefty fee.

In a similar vein, while not offering full mountain rentals, venues like Montana’s Yellowstone Club only lets owners of the 864 properties on the mountain hit the slopes on its 2,200 acres. (That entails a $300k sign-up fee, $39k in annual dues plus at least $3.15 million for a home.)

“Fresh powder is one of the rarest ­commodities in the world,” Silverton Mountain co-owner  Aaron Brill told Bloomberg. “Time is irreplaceable. And money? You can earn more.”

Read a more in-depth report on the trend here.


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