Here Are the Opening and Closing Dates for Every Major Ski Resort on Earth

An essential tool for ski bums, right this way

December 22, 2017 9:00 am

We can tell you how to ski. We can tell you where to ski. Hell, we can even tell you how to go fly-fishing and skiing on the same trip.

But we can’t tell you when you can ski — but a hella-official new online resource can.

Pieced together using historical and current climatological info about resorts from Vermont’s Mad River Glen to Australia’s Mount Buller, SnowPak helps you plan your next ski vacation based on where (and when) there will be snow on the ground. If available, you’ll find official start and end dates for each resort. For resorts that have not yet declared a date, SnowPak provides an educated guess (as is the case of Mad River, an old-school resort that refuses to make its own snow).

Updated on a rolling basis, the alphabetized list also contains links to resource and ticket-buying pages for each resort in their database.

We can’t promise the free tool is 100% accurate, but, as Yoda would say, bookmark-worthy, it is.


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