The Newly Renovated ME Cabo Offers a Quintessentially Los Cabos Stay

If it weren't for its proximity to the only swimmable beach in Los Cabos, you may not ever have reason to leave the resort

December 1, 2022 6:29 am
View from the pool
ME Cabo

Located on the southernmost tip of the Baja California peninsula, Los Cabos is widely considered one of Mexico’s premiere tourist destinations. Once a sleepy fishing village, it has since evolved into a vibe-y, good-time place (emphasis on good-time) where luxury properties, and celebrities, abound.

Which is why it’s not altogether surprising that Los Cabos has done a lightning fast post-COVID about-face. In fact, according to a recent report from Forbes, not only has it “recovered 100% of all of its travel active in 2021,” but it is currently on track to achieve unparalleled growth, too. 

View from the lobby
The lobby of ME Cabo
ME Cabo

“Year-to-date, the U.S. market has presented a record growth of almost 15% in arrivals when compared to 2019. With over 2.8 million visitors in 2021 and record growth of 47.3% in visitation from the U.S. during the first six months of 2022 compared to the same time in 2021,” says Rodrigo Esponda, Managing Director of the Los Cabos Tourism Board. In other words, if you don’t have a trip to Cabo on the books at present, you’re already behind the curve. 

For ME Cabo, a Meliá property in Cabo San Lucas, their “busy season” spans the better part of the next five months — starting in October and going all the way until the end of March. Being that they’re also fresh off a $10 million renovation, they’re anticipating a banner year. And thanks to that renovation, when we recently visited to take stock of their offerings, we hardly left the resort at all. 

The view from Suite 1
The view from Suite 1
ME Cabo

The Stay

After being closed for six months, the new ME Cabo officially opened again last October with 170 rooms in 11 different categories. Of those rooms, 60% belong to ME+ — a superior class, featuring suites with an array of different amenities (decks, pool access, jacuzzis, etc.). 

The newest category to come out of the renovation, however, is the Studio. In addition to facing the water, all of the 16 Studio rooms are also twice the size of the Superior rooms — and much more spacious than most New York City apartments and come with a whole slew of amenities, a full bar chief among them. If it weren’t for the view serving as a near-constant reminder to get outside, you’d likely be content to hole up in one for the entirety of your stay.

But that would be an injustice to the rest of the property. ME Cabo is a celebration of local art, and the interiors read a little like a gallery — each hallway a new, and different, exhibit. In fact, it’s the one element that distinguishes the ME brand from the rest of the Melia properties, and it’s integrated into every corner of ME Cabo, starting with the mural outside the lobby — a design by Mexican artist Scarlett Baily. Even the architecture of the hotel — which Director of Guest Experiences, Yared Reding, describes as curvy, almost feminine — lends itself well to the desired aesthetic. 

The one caveat is that the property is, on all accounts, a loud one. A good loud, but loud nevertheless. Of course, if you’ve been imbibing poolside for the better part of the day, it’s likely not to be an issue come bedtime anyway. (Plus, all the balconies also have double glass to restrict noise in the rooms.)

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ME Cabo

The Food

If you’ve spent any amount of time in either Tulum or Cancun, you may already be familiar with the food and beverage concepts at ME Cabo. Taboo, Funky Geisha, Confessions and Mamazzita are just a few of high-end Mexican restaurant company Grupo Rosanegra’s overall offerings, but make up all of the dining options at ME Cabo.

Taboo, for its part, is definitely the main event. An exclusive beach club, located directly between the hotel and the beach, it’s buzzing with activity from sunup to long after sundown. Mediterranean cuisine is on the menu, and while there’s a mixologist on deck, ready and willing to make all of your wildest cocktail dreams come true, champagne is the name of the game at Taboo. They also deliver bites poolside, too, should you be so inclined. 

A personal favorite, Funky Geisha is cheffing up Asian fare, this location beachfront with unobstructed views of the Cortez Sea. The Alaskan Fire Roll, paired with a Java, makes for a perfect lunch, though, if you’re looking for something a little heavier, the Lobster Curry Rice with Kaffir is a must-try.

Up on the roof of the hotel, Confessions Skybar is a swankier option where you might head for a pre-dinner drink and watch the sunset. It doesn’t open until 6 p.m., but there’s a DJ every night from Thursday to Sunday and a cocktail menu perfectly befitting of the ambiance (the Quetzalcóatl is a must-try).

All of that said, Mamazzita is the star of the show at ME Cabo, at least as far F&B goes (and in this writer’s humble opinion). The menu features traditional Mexican recipes, which utilize imaginative ingredients and are served alongside a long list of mezcal or tequila-based cocktails. Ask your server for recommendations — they never miss. Further, Mamazzita is a little quieter than its counterparts, though there is often live music at night. It’s the perfect venue for a low-key dinner following a long day at the pool.

Cabo San Lucas Bay
Cabo San Lucas Bay
ME Cabo

What to Do

If you’re staying at ME Cabo, expect to indulge, whether it be in the form of catching some rays and/or imbibing by the pool, hitting the Korpo Spa or eating at one of the four restaurants.

For those looking for something more cultural than just cuisine, the hotel offers monthly activities focused on Los Cabos local experiences where guests can interact with local artists and tastemakers, without having to leave the resort. And if you do venture off-campus ME is within walking distance of downtown Cabo and conveniently situated directly on Playa el Medano, so you can easily explore the area from both land and sea. 

That said, while there’s no shortage of things to do, sometimes the beauty of a stay at a place like ME Cabo is not having to do anything at all. Rather, grab a drink (a Red Scarlet for me), a chair by the pool and relax in your own little slice of Los Cabos heaven.


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