National Park Service Announces Its Free-Entry Days for 2021

Here's when you should visit bucket-list parks like Joshua Tree and Yellowstone

national parks free days
Put these dates in your calendar, then make a national park plan.
Oleg Chursin/Unsplash

In a recent press release, the U.S. National Park Service announced the six days in 2021 where free admission will be offered to everyone:

While two-thirds of national parks (over 300) do not charge entrance fees, that other third includes everybody’s bucket-list parks — places like Joshua Tree, Glacier, Yosemite and Yellowstone, which all charge at least $25 per vehicle.

If you do choose to capitalize on one of these days, head to your chosen park’s Instagram page beforehand for updates on COVID protocol, plus helpful tips on how to avoid the crowds. (Park-goers were on that beat well before the arrival of the pandemic.) In a park like Joshua Tree, for instance, that might mean arriving before 10 a.m. via the north or south entrance — the west entrance is always packed — and making a point to see landmarks not named Hidden Valley, Barker Dam or Skull Rock.


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