It’s Time You Paid Fiji’s 100% Solar-Powered Turtle Island a Visit

You like cerulean waters and saving the planet?

September 14, 2017 9:00 am

Fiji has some of the most outstanding coral reefs on Earth.

But as you may know those vast, stunning living organisms are on the decline, and if anyone is sensitive to that reality it’s resorts like Turtle Island, which relies on tourism.

In an effort to keep the corals from dying, Turtle Island now generates 100 percent of its energy from solar. Given that it’s sunny pretty much everyday, they’re covered on that front.

I stayed for a week on Tavewa Island across from Turtle Island. Like most of Fiji, Tavewa is powered by diesel generators, which they shut off around 9ish to save power. One night as I was reading in bed, a large rat scurried across the rafter as the light went out. Not a great parting image.

Thankfully it’s not something you’ll find across the way at Turtle Island, a five-star resort, where everyone from Steve Jobs to Justin Timberlake have visited to reset. There are only 14 villas on the 500 acre island, with plenty of trails to hike and fresh food to eat.

The pellucid sea is full of exotic fish, and Turtle Island does some great scuba dives, SUPs and surfing. You can also take in the incredible vistas from your private deck. The fans never stop. The lights go off when you want. The food is exceptional.

Thank the sun. It’s a god down here.


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