Your Next Italian Vacation, as Curated by the World’s Best Chef

Massimo Bottura's new luxury B&B is 12 beautiful rooms in the Italian countryside

Casa Maria Luigia

How do you follow up the best restaurant in the world, one where it’s nearly impossible to get a reservation?

By opening up an adorable bed and breakfast … where you can actually book a room.

Chef Massimo Bottura’s three-Michelin star restaurant Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy, has topped the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list twice, most recently last year. It has just 12 tables, and a waitlist of 20,000.

His new country inn is called Casa Maria Luigia, named after Bottura’s mother. A partnership with the chef’s wife and business partner, Lara Gilmore, the luxury B&B is a refurbished 18th century property located in the Emilia-Romagna countryside, about 20 minutes from his acclaimed restaurant.

Casa Maria Luigia

Filled with art from the power couple’s personal collection, Casa Maria Luigia has just 12 rooms, and each room is uniquely decorated. The minibar and espresso are complimentary, as is a traditional Emilian breakfast. Your welcome amenity? Sparkling Lambrusco wine and chunks of aged Parmigiano Reggiano cheese.

Within the 12-acre estate, guests have access to a pool, tennis court, cocktail lounge, vinyl record room, a family-style kitchen and vegetable garden.

Casa Maria Luigia

Rooms, starting at 450 euros (around $510), are available from Tuesday afternoon through Sunday morning. All reservations — and there are actually rooms available through December 21st! — must be done through the Casa Maria Luigia site.

Bonus: A non-refundable room rate allows for reservations at the Francescana at Maria Luigia, a new dining experience by Bottura.

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