You Can Rent This Cabin for Under Five Dollars a Night

Tent, we knew ye too well

November 28, 2016 9:00 am

What kind of sleeping arrangements does your ideal vacation require?

If your answer is a sprawling bed, room service and onsite spa, this is not your vacation (no judgment, by the way). But if what you desire is fresh air and whatever fits in your pack, consider booking these nature cabins for your next getaway. 

Built by LUMO Architects to promote tourism and outdoor excursions, 47 of these cabins — there are five different versions — are scattered along 10 sites around the islands of Skarø, Drejø, Birkholm and Ærø in the South Fyn peninsula in Denmark. The geometric designs are inspired by the livewells traditionally used by Nordic fishermen to keep fish alive. Do with that information what you will. Each units sleeps 2-9 people and sports varying amenities.

But what you’re really booking for is proximity to a glut of outdoor fun: kayaking, swimming, diving and peeing en plein air while admiring beautiful nature and stuff. Your correspondent’s unsolicited, unpaid-for suggestion: Go. Stay in the cabins.

“But I love camping! A cabin just isn’t the same!” you might object. No matter how small and packable tents get, though, packing them still takes space, setting them up still takes time, and you’re still sleeping on the ground — and perhaps even paying to do so thanks to parking or camping fees.

That’s why, if given the choice, I’d opt for these gorgeous, small-footprint permanent structures and save the space in my pack for more snacks or one of these. (All this said, you can also put up a tent on these properties if cabins are full.)

A writer for the Guardian reported on a trip he took last year that he stayed at one in Drejø for $4 a night. He said the cabins were convenient, a little loud for some on the trip, but cozy. And that’s about what we’d expect. Like we said, these trips are more about experiencing the outdoors than accommodations, so while supreme comfort is always a plus, it’s not always a must. This year an overnight stay is approaching $5, but for our money, that’s still a buy.

Book one right here.

Images by Jesper Balleby


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