Last Resort

By The Editors
October 15, 2012 9:00 am
Last Resort

According to the ancient Maya calendar, we’re all going to die this December, leaving you with unanswered questions: how will it happen? How did they know? And can I get ringside seats? On 400-thread count sheets?

Answers: asteroids, peyote, and yes (and yes), but only when you decamp for the Yaxha Adventure, a new two-day private and torch-lit tour of Mayan temple ruins.

The tour goes down in Belize and Guatemala, where they’re shutting down Yaxha National Park just for you.  The park’s a treasure-trove of Maya history, featuring hundreds of carved monuments, altars, pyramids, and even ballcourts (Mesoamerican tennis, anyone?)

From here, you’ll learn the premise of the doomsday scenario, take a torch-lit tour of the ruins and climb the highest temple for drinks at the summit.

When you’re finished, you’ll retire to a luxury pop-up tent at the temple’s base, staffed by a personal butler and a local villager to prep your fireside dinner. A morning tour of the ruins will follow.

And when you’re done soaking in Maya history, and if you don’t perish in the flames of armageddon, you can return to Ka’ana and soak in the resort’s spa whilst sipping vino from Belize’s largest wine cellar.

Might as well go out in style.


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