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JetMe: The name-your-own-price private airline

By The Editors
August 19, 2015 9:00 am

“Getting there is half the fun.”

Sure, maybe if you’re questing to Mordor. Take your time. Enjoy the ride.

Otherwise: safe and quick journeys, we say. A little luxury wouldn’t hurt, either.

Ergo: JetMe.

A relative newcomer, JetMe offers luxury private flights for a huge discount to and from pretty much anywhere. It’s incredibly flexible, utilizing 200,000 private jets around the globe.

There’s no membership fee, either.

Instead, you’re naming your own price and hopefully coming up with a match … kind of a Priceline for the 1%.

To use JetMe: enter your destination (5,000 airports in the U.S. alone), number of passengers and preferred departure date.

JetMe will instantly return a range of prices with an “order success potential” for each amount. Pick one and cross your fingers.

Now, you’re booking the whole flight. So if you and your buddies have the same destination in mind, great: dividing a few thousand dollars by, say, six people gets you wickedly close to economy prices.

Going solo? Hey, plenty of legroom.

They’ll need about 72 hours to process your payment.

From there: the world is yours.

Safe travels.

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