This Italian Mountain Village Will Pay You $2,100 to Move There

Town's mayor tries unorthodox approach to reverse dwindling population.

May 13, 2017 5:00 am

An Italian mountain village is not only offering dirt-cheap rent as an incentive to move there, but they’ll pay you on top of that.

Bormida, Italy’s population has shrunk to 394 people, so the mayor has announced that the town can pay people as much as 2,000 Euro ($2,173) to move there, and that rent could be as cheap as 50 Euro ($54) per month.

Granted, life in Bormida is hardly glamorous. “There is nothing much to do here,” a local restaurant owner told The Guardian. “But life is so simple and natural, we have forests, goats, the church, and plenty of good food. Life would definitely be free of stress.” Unfortunately, it would also be free of paying work, as there isn’t much industry in the area.

On the plus side, the village is also an hour from Savona, which offers beaches and a more urban setting for those who seek it. And really, life in the Italian countryside is more than worth any inconveniences that come with it. Freelancers or telecommuters take note.


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