Flying Business? This Is the Only US Airline Worth Booking.

We're talking suites, people. Big'ns.

August 17, 2016 9:00 am

It’s been a rough year for America’s plane passengers. Well, at least the ones flying economy.

If you weren’t caught up in Delta’s global stoppage, maybe you saw your favorite airline devalue its once-beloved reward system — a bad situation for everyone but business and first-class customers. 

Hoi polloi, we’re out of luck. But for biz-class customers, there’s a bright light on the horizon, and it comes in the form of Delta’s newly unveiled Delta One business suite. 

American carriers are generally derided for their upper-tier offerings. Relative to elite brands like Cathay Pacific, Emirates or Singapore Air, our business cabins tend to be roughly equivalent to a Four Seasons::Motel 6 situation. 

Delta is aiming to change — or at least take one step toward slowly evolving — this reputation with its new suite. Each pod has an actual sliding door for privacy, and behind that sliding door are an 18-inch screen for in-flight entertainment, memory foam cushions and a full lie-flat bed. 

Sound good? Industry reaction has been positive, with Skift calling it “as good as business class can get.” Expect it on international flights on its new Airbus 350s. And also consider United’s new Polaris, which has also seen some good press. 

Still flying American? Us, too. It’s a sad scene


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