If You Read One Travel Newsletter Each Week, Make It This One

InsideHook’s new email covers exotic openings around the world.

November 19, 2018 2:13 pm
Oia Santorini Greece
Oia Santorini Greece
Getty Images

At its best — think Bill Bryson, Martha Gellhorn, Joan Didion, Paul Theroux — travel writing isn’t really about travel at all. It’s about anthropology and community and the human condition.

At its worst — think the deluge of self-styled travel bloggers who believe themselves to be disciples of the names listed above — travel writing is basically a series of longform Instagram captions. Entries listlessly parroting the physical details of an experience without ever conveying any greater sense of personality or perspective.

And if there’s one thing the internet definitely doesn’t need more of, it’s that type of travel writer.

Which brings us to The Journey, a new travel newsletter that we at InsideHook launched this past weekend. Our promise? To eschew “long-winded diaries about finding one’s self on a backpacking trip” in favor of “actionable advice on new and intriguing destinations.”

In practice, that essentially means that we don’t want to waste your time.

We simply want to send you a once-weekly update on the best goings-on in luxury travel all over the world: private tours, new hotel openings, exotic Airbnbs, and tips from industry insiders to help you jet-set more intelligently. Everything will be curated by our editors via a network of tipsters, publicists and experts, then shared with you (for free!) in an easily digestible, highly visual format.

Sign up here to receive your first issue. Do so this week, and you’ll also be automatically entered for a chance to win a $500 travel voucher to the destination of your choice.

So give it a spin. That passport ain’t gonna stamp itself.



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