The First Icebreaking Superyacht Is Here, and That’s Not Even the Coolest Feature

That’d be either the mini-submarine, Balinese spa or helipad

January 26, 2017 9:00 am

Whether the White House’s website wants to admit it or not, the amount of ice in Antarctica is shriking.

And, if you’d like, a luxurious icebreaking superyacht can take you to smash what’s left.

… or just take you out on the ice shelf to explore via helicopter, three-person submarine or trio of snow scooters.

Built in the ‘70s to serve as an icebreaker in the Baltic Sea during the Cold War, the M/Y Legend just underwent a two-year renovation at the Dutch Icon Yachts shipyard and emerged as a 250-foot luxury yacht that also happens to be fully classified as a Class 1 icebreaking vessel. During the renovation process, Dutch Iron outfitted the steel-and-aluminum yacht with 13 deluxe cabins with enough room to hold 26 passengers and amenities like a heated outdoor jacuzzi, panoramic salon, miniature cinema, swimming pool, medical suite and Balinese spa.

Icebreaking Superyacht (9 images)

Even better, due to the Legend’s small capacity, it does not exceed the passenger limits of the International Association of Antarctica Tour Operators and can go places that other boats can’t. In addition to Antarctica, Legend is available for charter trips to other remote locations, such as the Norwegian Fjords, Arctic Circle, South America and Greenland … for a cool $500,000 per week (plus a tip for the 19-member crew).

Here’s where to get cracking.


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