Hyatt Is the Latest Hotel Chain Getting Rid of Resort Fees

It's a growing industry trend

Hyatt hotel
Hyatt Hotel in Düsseldorf.
Getty Images

Just how much are you paying to spend a night at a given hotel room? That shouldn’t be a difficult question to answer, and yet it is. Resort fees — also known as “junk fees,” and a bane of the Biden administration and frequent travelers alike — have become a hot topic in the travel industry as of late.

It’s not hard to see why; if you think you’re booking a hotel room for, say, $200 per night only to learn that the actual cost is closer to $250, you’re probably going to be a little annoyed about it. And that annoyance could easily translate into seeking out a different place to stay next time you’re on the road.

All of which makes it less than shocking that some hotel chains are opting to remove resort/destination/junk fees and be more transparent in their pricing. And now, as Cameron Sperance reports at The Points Guy, Hyatt has made a big move in the direction of price transparency, joining Marriott in betting that travelers would prefer to know the costs of their stay up front rather than be surprised later on. (And if it doesn’t draw the ire of regulators, so much the better.)

“As of July, the most prominent rate shown throughout the booking process on Hyatt channels for properties in the Americas now includes both the room rate and any resort or destination fees. This rate does not include taxes,” a spokesperson for Hyatt told The Points Guy in a statement. “We did this in an effort to further enhance disclosures to our guests, in line with Hyatt’s purpose of care.”

It’s welcome news for travelers looking to book overnight stays where they aren’t shocked by unexpected charges.


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