You Are Now Free to Move About the German Countryside in This Four-Speed ‘Hotel Room’

Hope you can drive stick

October 12, 2016 9:00 am

Taken from the German wandern (“to hike”), wanderlust first appeared in English when author Daniel Garrison Brinton described it as a “goading restlessness” that drives “aimless roving” in his 1902 book The Basis of Social Relation.

A century later, the word has been bastarized a bit — it’s basically become shorthand for “Now that I’ve finished colleged, I think I’ll travel the world on mom and dad’s dime for a few months.” Which might just be why a German tourism company is reclaiming it — and restoring the actual roving part while they’re at it.

Care of a refurbished ’81 Mercedes-Benz FFB camper van, the Lindenberg hospitality group is now giving Frankfurt-area travelers the opportunity to explore the countryside in a four-speed “hotel room.”

With enough room to sleep four, the Lente Lindenberg is one of only 600 Mercedes FFB RVs that exist in the world, and the mobile motel room comes fully furnished with everything you need.

“From time to time, Lindenbergers escape the city for a weekend in search of the most romantic or secret places of the region,” the company says. “Lente isn’t a camper, but a home on wheels — for dwelling in the outdoors, lunching in a mobile living room, or dreaming under the stars.”

As a bonus, Lente renters can double down on their fun by also taking one of Lindenberg’s bikes free of charge, or tacking on a rental of a Junior Vespa 50 for a small fee.

Rates for the Lente are available upon request, but be advised you need to be able to drive stick.

Photos courtesy of Ériver Hijano via Dwell


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