Frontier Airlines Adds More Incentives to Unlimited Flight Program

The airline is offering travelers more options

Frontier Airlines planes
Frontier Airlines planes are parked at gates in Denver International Airport (DEN) in Denver, Colorado, on August 5, 2023.
DANIEL SLIM/AFP via Getty Images

If you’re a frequent traveler with the money to spend, it’s not hard to see the appeal of airlines’ unlimited flight programs. And while some of the more luxe options in that space have passed into the realm of history, the pandemic’s effects on air travel prompted some airlines to revisit the model. Frontier Airlines in particular has embraced the model with the GoWild! program — though, as InsideHook’s Kirk Miller pointed out last year, the program does have a few significant caveats.

Now, Frontier is exploring some modifications to the program — including, as per an announcement made earlier this week, offering new members a free first month. (Though there’s still an application fee involved.) The program currently allows travelers to book domestic travel a day in advance, and international travel 10 days in advance. But Frontier seems to be working on a modification of that as well.

Specifically, as per what Frontier dubbed “a new early booking promotion,” Frontier is allowing some domestic travel to be booked further in advance — albeit with an additional $29 fee. This isn’t the only change to GoWild! Frontier has recently announced — in July 2023, the airline also announced a monthly version of the unlimited flight plan.

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Writing at The Points Guy, Summer Hull has a good rundown of Frontier’s program and its advantages and disadvantages. Hull also notes that both seat selection and bags cost extra under the unlimited flying plan. The program may not meet the needs of all frequent travelers, but for some, it’s not hard to see the appeal.


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