The Four Seasons Vail Is Now Doing Bourbon Massages

Huh. So that's what happens to booze when you make pot legal.

August 31, 2016 9:00 am

Do you find the smell of bourbon relaxing? 

Even if it’s being lathered into your chest? 

Fancy hotel spas are forever looking to improve on their menu with ever-more-marketable preparations. The quality of a massage or treatment is uniquely related to the skills of the therapist performing it, but hotels can’t sell that.

What they can sell? A name.

A name like Bourbon Massage. 

The Vail Four Seasons now offers a FarmHouse Fresh Bourbon Bubbler body-scrub treatment for men (“an intoxicating blend of brown sugar and real Kentucky whiskey”). Also: a 50-minute, $95 “From Boots to Booze Men’s Pedicure” and a $250 “Bourbon Cowboy” body treatment (“relaxation like never before while you unwind in a hot bath with the afterglow of a refreshing agave nectar massage”). 

Maybe you prefer to drink your drinks. 

Maybe you prefer to unwind in a hot bath made from them. 

Let us know how that goes.


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