Rimowa Goes Neon for Their First Ever Online-Exclusive Collection

Tired of confusing your humdrum luggage with everyone elses? Have we got the suitcase for you.

July 13, 2021 5:00 am
Rimowa Goes Neon for Their First Ever Online-Exclusive Collection

Over the course of the past few months, predominately stemming from my own quest for a new set, I’ve become a bit of a luggage junkie. The number one object — or, rather, brand — of my affection? Rimowa.

Pioneers of both the aluminum and the polycarbonate suitcase, Rimowa has been around for more than 120 years, so chances are you’ve heard of them before. And even if you haven’t? You’ll surely recognize the Original Rimowa suitcase — the iconic groove design inspired by the golden age of aviation. As far as durability and timelessness goes, it’s truly next level.

That said, despite being a key player in the luggage arena for over a century and their many legendary collabs to date (Dior and Chaos being two of their most recent), Rimowa has yet to drop an online exclusive collection on their own. Until now, that is.

Yesterday, they debuted a limit-edition Neon collection — a contemporary spin on their staple polycarbonate case, which “plays with light diffraction on translucent polycarbonate to eye-catching effect” — that is only available for purchase online. The collection features the ever-popular Cabin size suitcase in both Lime Yellow and Pink, transparent in design with matte black details and black mesh dividers inside, and with phone cases to match. And while the collection may be a considerable departure from the Original aluminum suitcase you’re probably more accustomed to, it still possesses all of the same Rimowa identifiers, up to and including the signature grooves. That, and its exponentially less likely to be confused with literally anyone else’s luggage, ever (making it worthy of the $820 price tag in and of itself, imo).

Of course, it bears mentioning that limited-edition drops are, by nature, designed to sell out, and this one is no exception. Couple that with the fact that this one is also the brand’s first online exclusive? I wouldn’t bank on the Neon collection being around long. So, in effect, if you can’t stomach the idea of another generic, Away-adjacent black carry-on for even one more day but, rather, revel in the prospect of owning a transparent, neon suitcase? Move fast.


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