You Can Leave Your Laptops in Your Carry-Ons, Folks

... assuming this test passes. Cross your fingers.

November 9, 2016 9:00 am

There are few topics we love receiving good news about more than the TSA screening process.

When we receive said news, we pump our fists and slap fives and pat backs, and then we pass it on to you just like this:

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol started testing new hand luggage scanners that allow passengers to leave their liquids and laptops in their bags while they go through security checkpoints.

Made by ClearScan, the luggage inspection devices will give airport security 360-degree views of prohibited items on a screen.

“The cabin baggage screener uses CT technology and advanced algorithms to deliver the highest level of explosives threat detection at an unprecedented false alarm rate” while also offering “the highest level of passenger convenience,” according to ClearScan.

Though the technology is an improvement on the top-down, X-ray views offered by most existing security equipment, it still requires all liquids to be stored in a plastic bag within the luggage.

If ClearScan’s scanners ever make it to the U.S., we think we’ll manage.


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