Would You Like a Classic Car With Your Hotel Room? Sunset Tower Can Help.

Classic architecture meets classic cars

1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL
A 1968 Mercedes Benz 280SL like this one is one of the cars in Sunset Tower Hotel's new program.
Jack Taylor/Getty Images

It’s not uncommon for hotels to offer some form of vehicle rental to the people staying there. Your stay in a bicycle-friendly town or city might be in a facility where bikes are available to the guests, for instance. Years ago, on a stay in Iceland, the place where I’d booked lodging offered guests the opportunity to rent a modest car at a discounted rate.

Now, West Hollywood’s Sunset Tower Hotel has implemented something…well, I guess you could call it similar to those programs, in that guests will have an interesting and enticing array of vehicles that they can rent. But the choice in vehicles is, shall we say, a bit more geared towards classic car aficionados. If you’ve ever wanted to check into your hotel room and then make your way across Los Angeles in a 1969 Ford Torino GT or a 1968 Mercedes 280SL, this new program might be designed with you in mind.

As Chris Gardner writes at The Hollywood Reporter, the hotel teamed up with Hollywood Classic Cars to allow hotel guests access to a selection of classic cars. “I’ve always loved vintage architecture and cars, and have thought about how cool would it be to marry the two,” Sunset Tower Hotel’s Jeff Klein told The Hollywood Reporter. “What if guests could experience a kind of fantasy — a throwback to a different era — as they pull up to the iconic art deco hotel in an automobile from the last century.”

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Sunset Tower Hotel’s website has more details on the package deal, which includes a discounted rate on auto rentals from Hollywood Classic Cars. As someone who appreciates good architecture and design, it’s not at all hard to see the appeal of this combination.


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