Carlsberg Built a Waterfall-Powered Pub You Can Book on Airbnb

The phrase 'home bar' has never been more apt

August 15, 2018 9:00 am

There is some kind of magic going on in Carlsberg’s marketing meetings, people.

The latest iteration of the iconic brewer’s “Danish Way” campaign (which all began with this enormously satisfying video in spring of 2017) is a web series in which six British strangers are sent off into the woods near Cornwall to build an off-grid, waterfall-powered pub. The end result is the first of its kind, which serves up perfect pints of Carlsberg Export, and, believe it or not, is available for you to book on Airbnb.

carlsberg (6 images)

The web series, called “Build: The Danish Way,” is a delight, with four fiveish-minute episodes of what can only be described as Wes Anderson meets Lost meets HGTV. With an assist from some Danish craftsmen, the group build the pub, get to know one another and engage mightily in “the Danish ritual of enjoying life’s simple pleasures” … also known as hygge.

To be sure: the strangers, and Carlsberg, had a good deal of help. Experiential agency Hyperactive and advertising agency Fold7 lent their creative expertise, while architects at New British Design designed the pub. So rest assured, the building probably wasn’t as thrown-together as the final episode suggests. In fact, it looks sturdy, and positively homely for its wild environs. Harnessing the power of a nearby waterfall (from which 400 volts are required to pour a pint), the larchwood-dressed indoor-outdoor space blends the best of Danish design sensibilities with the around-the-corner air of a British tavern. Not to mention, there are some cozy looking beds down the hall.

For an enjoyable 15-20 minutes, head here to watch the web series. And to legit book one of the most backstory-rich Airbnbs we’ve seen, head here.  

All images from Airbnb


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