You Can Book Claude Monet’s Old Countryside Home on Airbnb

Calling all Impressionist fanboys

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You’d have to be a total art Scrooge not to feel inspired when touring an iconic artist’s old home. I visited Hemingway’s Finca Vigía in a hamlet outside Havana a few years ago and had weeklong goosebumps after poking my head into his old writing tower.

Unfortunately, that inspiration is shared with dozens of other iPhone-armed tourists, on grounds dotted with stanchion belt barriers.

So here’s a rare chance to get unfettered VIP access to the life and environs of a legendary artist: Claude Monet’s countryside home is listed on Airbnb.

Now, this isn’t Monet’s main residence, the Giverny estate of lily pad and pond bridge fame. Those gardens now belong to the Claude Monet Foundation, and you can purchase a day pass tho them for $12. This is a different home in Giverny, named The Blue House, where Monet grew vegetables and hosted various painter friends. One such pal, a Californian impressionist named Guy Rose, actually painted the home in 1900.

A night at The Blue House will run you $227, which isn’t too bad considering even 3-star hotels in Paris will cost upwards of $200. Giverny is just an hour’s drive from Paris; we recommend planning a trip this summer and spending one night out at Monet’s old digs. Just don’t forget the watercolors.

For more information on booking the home, head here.

All images via Airbnb. 


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