Norway Is Now Home to a Sprawling Tunnel Designed for Cycling

Though you can also walk or run there, if that's more your speed

Bergen, Norway
Getty Images

Since 2020, there’s been a boom in Norway‘s market for bicycles. It’s not too hard to see why the onset of the pandemic would also spark an increase in people looking to engage in outdoor activities, nor is it hard to see the appeal of bicycling in Norway. It’s worth pointing out that Norway itself has touted bicycling as an excellent way for visitors to see the country.

Visiting Norway — especially a city like Bergen, located on the coast — can involve weather that isn’t always ideal for taking a bicycle out, however. All of which may help to explain why the city recently recently opened a massive tunnel through which cyclists can engage in their activity of choice. For those who’d prefer to walk or run, there are also dedicated sections for that.

And while there’s a growing number of lengthy cycling tunnels popping up around the world, this one has earned the title of the globe’s longest purpose-built cycling tunnel.

As CNN reports, the tunnel runs through the mountain known as Løvstakken, and extends for 1.8 miles. CNN’s Maureen O’Hare writes that a trip through it should take 10 minutes if riding a bicycle and 40 minutes if you’ve opted to walk. It opened to the public on April 15, and has a name that’s as fun to day as it is to navigate the tunnel itself: Fyllingsdalstunnelen.

As Euronews reported, the tunnel also abounds with art installations and design elements that should make traversing the tunnel that much more of an enjoyable experience — including a sundial-like structure marking the halfway point. For those using the tunnel to commute to work, the new route should make for much faster times getting to and from one’s destination. It’s a blend of old and new technologies, making for greater effiency.


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